Terms and Conditions

Please read these ‘Terms and Conditions’ carefully before ordering – by accessing or make any use of our online platform ‘SEANSHOP’ you are agreeing to them.

Terms & Conditions

Use of website
Our website can be used for the purpose of shopping only and none of our content and images can be used without any written permission from us.
Orders will be started once the payment will be done through our website payment gateway (paypal) only and a photo is uploaded. We create orders with a customisation, so if you have any requirement please include them in your order note before you submit the order or else let us know by email together with your order number within 24hrs of the payment.
We are responsible of the products that will be a high quality and will reach you as its best. We even take a photo before this will be shipped to have the confirmation that the item is sent properly. Names on products and other information can be supplied to use either by email or in the order note before check out. If nothing will be received, we’ll only create the caricature print on the product. Once a product will be chosen and paid for we may refuse if by any chance you need to change it after 24hrs of the payment. If we decide that you can, we provide you the bank details and you need to send the difference by bank transfer. If the item will be less, we’ll send the refund accordingly.
We only have the rights to use your photos for the caricature purposes and these will be remain recorded since a client would like to re-order. We also hold in our archives the caricature that we created. Date also will be used for the purpose of our own marketing. We don’t have any access to change any passwords or personal information and we treat the content as ‘User Content’. When ordering caricatures for third parties such as family members and friends, you will only be responsible for the copyright of those images. No products can be ordered with a celebrity unless it’s a family member or friend - which we would need a confirmation and if the celebrity is you.
Delivery / Shipping
Our shop at the moment don’t do shipping outside the country but if there is a request we can send quotes accordingly. SEANSHOP provides free delivery around the island only if the total amount will reach €50.00. Should this not be reached, collection needs to be made by the client to Santa Venera, Malta.
Client needs to pay for the order, otherwise, we will not proceed of the production. Payments can be made only by paypal and no other gateways can be used.
Refund only will be given to those clients, which will cancel the order within 24hrs of the payment by a written communication to our email. If for a reason, we will start the order and create the digital caricature only before that time, we will send you only a partial refund and the caricature will be sent to you. If the order will be fully completed, we don’t issue any refunds and will send the product as ordered.
Newsletter Subscription
If you subscribe to our newsletter we have the right to send you any promotional material that the shop creates. You still can opt-out from our newsletter either by sending us an email or change the subscription from the last promotion email we sent.
Subscribed Customer
If you subscribe as a customer you will be asked if you want to opt-in for our newsletter. Once this is selected you can opt-out only after the first promotion email.